Ayurveda massage in Clearwater

The program one weekend every three weeks for the duration of 16 months was a most valuable experience in many aspects.

Ayurveda massage in Clearwater

Initially I simply wanted to acquire the knowledge for me personally, but now I have developed an overwhelming desire to share the Ayurvedic lifestyle with whoever is seeking it — maybe even without knowing it just yet. During my time of studies I have made acquaintance and friendships with amazing people most of them being my fellow students.

I have decided to continue my studies at the Florida Academy of Ayurveda to become an Ayurvedic Practitioner. The school is an accredited school by the state of Florida, which made a deciding factor in my school selection.

My time at the Florida Academy of Ayurveda was life changing in so many aspects. During the training I bonded with a group of amazing women that continue to be a crucial part of my life to this day and I am sure for many years to come. I looked forward to every single weekend at the academy, from the yoga class to each and every lecture.

Every minute with Denise and the class was an opportunity to learn. Although I did not continue my second semester with Denise due to time constraints I am even more appreciative of her teaching style and the material she offered now that I am in another institution.

I would recommend this academy and this guru to everyone, if I could do it a thousand more times I would pick Denise each and every time. Natalia T Galindo. The Florida Academy of Ayurveda changed my life. They share so much knowledge, kindness and love. I look at life and people totally differently. I guess you can say through rose colored glasses. This course was so life changing. It changed me and my family.

Nicole Malatia. From the moment I met Denise many years before, I never stopped thinking that one day she would be my teacher and my guidance for many aspects in my life.

Denise is an excellent teacher and she has an answer for every question, which she explains thoroughly and patiently, until you understand. We are very fortunate that, while attending the training, Denise offers a personal consultation with each student, which brings us closer and makes us aware of our physical, emotional and spiritual imbalances, by learning about our Doshas.

The healing process starts right there knowing the changes and routines that we need to follow.

Ayurveda massage in Clearwater

Thank you, Denise, for your understanding; also for your patience and for treating each ones of us in a unique way. You fulfilled our need to learn, to heal, and to believe in ourselves. You have been more than a teacher for all of us. I fully recommend to anyone who wants to learn Ayurveda that they attend the Florida Academy of Ayurveda and learn from Denise. The journey of my life to US let me find too many answers and the most important was to find Ayurveda.

Denise and Kevin, the founders of Florida Academy of Ayurveda, are the excellent combination of love, wisdom, commitment, responsibility, management, communication and dynamism. And the main reason to start the first steps in Ayurveda with them, is because they are planting and spreading the seeds around the world through us that the true nature of human being is to live in harmony with us and our environment.

I have the honor to be part of the first group of Spanish students that has been graduated as Ayurvedic Health Counselor on May 7, My classmates were really wonderful, each one with different professional background, as well as different experiences of life and ages, all of them bring to our course a special feeling of friendship, knowledge, joy, and chemistry connection between us and Denise.

And the end of the course of Ayurveda with the beautiful ceremony of the graduation with our families and friends at the Florida Academy of Ayurveda in Tampa, Florida; all of us enjoyed of a delicious and healthy Ayurvedic food. It was awesome to show to our lovely people that we can live in Ayurveda with harmony, blessings and balance the life.Stacy and Barry truly are healers!

I am a hair stylist and have been in this industry for over Truthfully, I've had 's of massages in numerous places of the world including many in California Just got a one hour Desperately needed massage. I have an awful bed at our hotel and my back was a disaster. Barry worked wonders on it and I am so much happier now! He was also very responsive via phone and text while arranging it all.

A great experience. Awesome Tom, it was my pleasure and great to hear your doing better. Enjoy once again :! Truthfully, I've had 's of massages in numerous places of the world including many in California where I lived for over 30 years and Barry is one of the best. That's why I keep coming back Btw, Thai massage is rare to find Visiting St Petersburg I tried out the most convenient massage location and was very pleased.

Schedulicity made it easy to get an appointment, and the massage was probably the best I ever had - Barry's hands know just what to do to unlock travel-sore muscles. He also showed me some stretches that are helping my lower back problems.

Very personable. I have received massages from Barry for the last few years, and I highly recommend him. I believe there are many massage therapists that are mechanically good His passion for and experience with Ayurveda enrich the massage experience. Log in to get trip updates and message other travelers.

Ayurvedic Massage and Yoga of Central Florida. Petersburg, FL Review Highlights. Reviewed March 7, Reviewed December 6, Great massage from Barry. Date of experience: December Thank TravelerSue Report response as inappropriate Thank you.

Ayurveda massage in Clearwater

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Our team of dedicated practitioners, therapists and managers are here to assist you in your journey towards personal balance and pure bliss…we love what we do! Read More Doshas…the essential forces of nature. Vata Vata is the subtle energy consisting of the elements of ether and air.

The qualities of Vata are light, cold, dry, mobile, subtle, clear and rough. The Vata dominate individual is tall or short with a thin build and long, narrow or small features. Pitta is the dynamic force comprised of the elements of fire and water.

The nature of Pitta is light, hot, oily, mobile, liquid and sharp. The Pitta dominate individual is of a medium height and bone structure, with well-proportioned medium size features. Kapha is the stable form composed of the elements of water and earth. The characteristics of Kapha are heavy, cold, oily, static, gross, cloudy, smooth, slow, wet, dense and soft. The Kapha dominant individual is taller or shorter than average with large bones, a solid build and broad or full features.

Personal attention that allows your specific needs and questions to be addressed; a very effective way to realize the benefits of yoga.

Doshas…the essential forces of nature.

Panchakarma is the traditional Ayurvedic cleansing, rejuvenating and balancing program for your body, mind and spirit. Our Mission We are passionate about serving humanity by creating a reality where all people know their true nature and with this awareness, are able to maintain their personal balance and bliss on every level of their beings.

Our Team Our team of dedicated practitioners, therapists and managers are here to assist you in your journey towards personal balance and pure bliss…we love what we do!

Ayurveda is The science of life. The original medicine of India. The study of our connection with the rhythms of nature. A system of preventative health care, rejuvenation and longevity.Yoga is birth. Birth is yoga. They are one.

My mission is to prepare expecting mothers for the most sacred hours of life - the most powerful time and the most blessed - through very specialized holistic yoga practices and doula services. I construct a tailor-made holistic birth preparation process for each individual, depending on what best suits you, optimizing and adapting my skills according to your needs.

My name is Tami Mor and it is my honor and privilege to work with expecting mothers in the Tampa Bay area. It is a blessing to be able to wake up and do work that one truly loves! I am a highly experienced, dual certified doula including DONA and certified Sivananda yoga teacher, specializing in prenatal yoga. Yoga as a way of life has helped me enhance my traits and qualities.

Through yoga, I have enhanced my love of life, the ability to give totally without boundaries, and to let go and surrender to life, compassion, and grace. When I work with women, I work from my heart. I totally connect and devote myself to her journey without judgment or criticism. I offer kindness, emotional acceptance, flowing energies, and positivity always. The process in which I became a doula did not begin or end with my formal training, but rather took place throughout my life.

My classes prepare you for birth through an experiential process: breathing, movement, stretching, visualization, and relaxation. I am there for you with open arms, an open heart, and an open soul, to serve with humility, love, compassion, and grace in this precious experience.

This is a very specialized form of massage that is meant to purify, cleanse and restore the body after giving birth. It also helps the new mother rejuvenate, relax, and gain the tranquility she needs.

Great massage from Barry - Ayurvedic Massage and Yoga of Central Florida

It is great as a "new mama" gift! Doula Yogi. My Services.Masla, Ayurvedic Practitioner, with a. We also offer a complimentary Ayurvedic cooking class each Saturday evening.

All Ayurveda in Clearwater

We are located in the historic town of Alachua, Florida, 15 miles from Gainesville Airport and the University of Florida campus. I learned more than merely the correct way of doing yoga postures; I learned the very essence of yoga itself.

Join us from anywhere in the world, from the comfort of your own home or office space, for the most comprehensive and authentic yoga training available. Ayurvedic Wellness Weekends. Ayurveda Bodywork Specialist Workshop. Ayurvedic Nutrition and Cooking Weekends. Ayurvedic Stress Reduction Weekends. Email us with questions! Call us to book today!

Traditional Panchakarma. Welcome to the Ayurveda Health Retreat- We are open! Masla, Ayurvedic Practitioner, with a mission to share the wisdom of Ayurveda and Yoga in the spirit of healing, love, transformation, and service.

Over 8 Months Starts October! Learn to be a yoga instructor, through lifestyle, education and practice. Starts September 26th! September 3 - 6, December 3 - 6, September October November 5 - 8, With 27 years of experience in Ayurveda holistic health, Dr.

Ayurveda healer to many medical doctors, Dr. Board member, National Ayurvedic Medical Association Lina Thakar is the ONLY Ayurveda Physician in the USA who successfully joined hands with western medicine program and was invited to maintain affiliations with conventional hospitals and institutions.

Lina is committed to assist and heal beyond just human souls and continues to donate monthly to animal and dog rescue organization ASPCA to extend support to our furry friends, as well. An international speaker known for her high content, Dr. Lina Thakar is an expert with high energy and very interactive your entire audience.

I never have seen a presentation like this. I can get started now and can improve my health. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Dr. Lina for having this information accessible, nobody has done that before, nobody. The one thing you can count on when you have Dr. Lina in front of your audience is they will stay connected and captivated. A natural healthcare program from Ayurveda Doctor, results-driven accountability, personalized support to overcome fatigue from chronic sickness, weight issues and pain.

Achieve optimum productivity and balanced health…. Lina Thakar for your next speaking engagement. She is a fascinating speaker. I was spellbound — 90 minutes flew by! She is engagingeducational and I learned so much from her that I can apply immediately. As a speaker, she is very professional and articulate. I highly recommend that you take advantage of the opportunity to have Dr. Lina Thakar for your event. Get Dr. Privacy Guarantee: I will never share your e-mail address with anyone else.

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Ayurveda massage in Clearwater